Pet Therapy

The therapeutic companionship of our feline or canine buddies cannot be undermined given the wonderful (and proven) effects they seem to influence towards their human friends. Valley Hospice of Arizona & Palliative Care never fails to recognize their roles as “natural healers” and so, we created a Program to expose them as agents of love and life.

Our registered Pet Therapy team goes on rounds of home and facility visits where they get to mingle with the patients. Many have shown considerable connections to the pets and look forward to the next visits. Our volunteers are reciprocated with the same joy and gladness with the satisfaction upon seeing how their little efforts are paid of with great smiles and gratitude.

There are many studies that support the use of pets as therapy companions. Sober homes and facilities also make use of pets as agents of recovery.

We are currently in need of more pet therapy volunteers. Should you want to be one, we’re just a call away.